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Heritage Camp for Adoptive Families: P/T job opportunity (Colorado)

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Summer Job Opening for Heritage Camps!

Looking for a part-time summer job? Want to make some money while spending weekends in the mountains? Want to help Heritage Camps run smoothly all summer? Want to meet lots of people and experience lots of different cultures? Want to have fun while you work?

Then we may have the job for you!! Please email us at, and we’ll send you the full job description and application.

Deadline to apply: May 25.

You must have a valid driver’s license to apply.

Please feel free to forward this email to friends and family members who might be interested! We are looking for at least two people for this position!

Thank you!

Pam Sweetser, Executive Directo

HCAF: T-Shirt Design Contest extended/ May 15th

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We Have Extended the T-Shirt Design Contest Deadline to May 15th!!

And we need more submissions for EVERY camp!!

We’re convinced there’s no one better to convey an image of your camp than the very campers, community members, and volunteers who have made each heritage camp a unique and special experience!


Who is Eligible?
Any 2012 registered camper of any age, counselor, presenter, or volunteer for Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families, Inc can submit an entry. Please note that all ages will be competing against each other in this contest. Last year, we had winning entries from campers at various grade levels, parents, counselors, and community volunteers!

Logo guidelines:
1)     The entry must be your original design, and not clip art or a copy of any art that may be subject to copyright laws.
2)     Your design should incorporate your 2012 camp theme. I’ve listed the 2012 Camp themes  below:

· African Caribbean Heritage Camp – The Colors of Us: Celebrating Transracial Adoption

· Cambodian Heritage Camp – 10th Anniversary Family Reunion

· Chinese Heritage Camp (mountains) – Year of the Dragon: Then and Now

· Chinese Heritage Camp II (urban) – Year of the Dragon

· Domestic Adoption Camp –  The Family Puzzle – United by Design

· Filipino Heritage Camp – What’s “Hot” in the Philippines

· Indian Nepalese Heritage Camp – Samosa Express-Make Your Reservations Now! This is a food theme!

· Korean Heritage Camp – Korean Konnections

· Latin American Heritage Camp – Cuentos – Tales of Latin America

· REECA Heritage Camp – What’s “Cool” in REECA

· Vietnamese Heritage Camp – Someone Like Me

3)     The camp name and date are part of the template prepared by the t-shirt vendor (see KHC mock-up  ABOVE– this is a mock-up only – a design has not  been chosen for that camp!!)

4)     Please try and keep it simple, so the printers can easily reproduce it.
5)     Include colors. A maximum of four colors may be used in the design INCLUDING BLACK AND WHITE. You can use one color as a background. Solid colors only; no water color, gradients or airbrush, please.   Image must reproduce well in small sizes, and the colors need to be visible on a wide variety of t-shirt colors, from light to dark.

6) Your design will be placed inside a template prepared by the t-shirt vendor’s art team – above is an example of this year’s template. You design the center!


1)     Entries must be received by Tuesday, May 15, 2012.

2)     Please submit your entries via email to Patty Quinn, HCAF Program Director at in JPEG format only. Please include your name, address, preferred email address and phone number with your entry.

3)     All submissions become the property of Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families, Inc.  Please note that HCAF may modify your design to meet printer specifications.

Winning Designs!
1)     Each submission will be judged by the current Camp Directors for your camp. They will be reviewing the designs anonymously. A final design will be determined by HCAF staff, with advice from the t-shirt company representative.

2)     Designs will be looked at for creativity, originality, aesthetics, use of space and color, and best representation of your camp theme.
3)     All entrants will be recognized on the Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families, Inc. website. The winners will be recognized at camp this summer.
4)     The design winner receives bragging rights, and a $50 gift certificate to the camp market!

October 25-mid November – Our own TiyaDK exhibit at Library of Congress, DC

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Hi Everyone!  Please attend my art exhibit and showcase at the Library of Congress.

PLEASE SAVE THE DATE: OCTOBER 25, 2011 (The Art Collection will start at 2pm Oct. 25th, up until mid-November). Please be sure you go to the Jefferson Building – Asian Division Reading Room.

The Library of Congress (LOC) has reached out to me and asked me to be part of a panel discussion on identity issues that arise as adoptees enter their teenage and adult years.  They’ve also asked me to do a “Tiya DK Art Collection,” on adoption, which will include 6-8 new original paintings, numerous drawings and original sketches from when I first started painting as a child. In addition, they requested me to present some writing samples from my manuscript.


Please note, seats are limited to LOC staff and their guests at the panel discussion. However, my art collection will be open to the public (at 2pm). As a request…the LOC would like me to get an idea of how many people from my guest list will be attending the first day of the art opening and also get an approximate head count of who may attend the month-long art show.


This is a very exciting opportunity and I’m honored to be part of this special event. I look forward to sharing my world with you. Please RSVP and for those who plan on attending, please don’t forget to sign the guestbook when you’re there so I know who stopped by! Through up the time the art work will be showcasing, I will be at the LOC each weekend (late morning until mid afternoon to greet all my guests and clients).

Thank you in advance for all your support.  You can visit me at and

Asian Adoptees and Post-Adoption Services in Massachusetts: Data from Providers and Reflections from Adult Adoptees

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Nate James Bae Kupel is an adopted Korean who recently completed his graduate studies at University of Massachusetts Boston. His research looked at the need for post adoption services specifically for adult adoptees. The agencies and most adult adoptees were located in New England area.

Institute for Asian American Studies Publications

Document Type

Research Report

Publication Date



Asian adoptees, adoption


Asian American Studies | Family, Life Course, and Society


In the summer of 2009, the Institute for Asian American Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston in consultation with Boston Korean Adoptees, Inc. (BKA), commenced a project aimed at documenting post-adoption services and programs available to Asian adoptees, principally Korean, in Massachusetts and assessing their content and relevance. In the first part of the project, a questionnaire was sent to providers of post-adoption services and program currently available requesting information about their services—number, content, clientele, resources, and staffing. In addition providers were asked to comment on the frequency of requests for services and on challenges faced in offering them. The project’s second part focused on learning from adult adoptees about their personal experiences with post-adoption services. Discussion groups with adoptees gave them an opportunity to discuss the importance of these services during childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

This report presents the findings from the survey and discussions, after providing some brief background information about the history and magnitude of Asian adoptions in the United States. It concludes with recommendations on how service providers and other organizations can better address adoptees’ interests through improving and expanding services and by working in collaboration with each other, the adult adoptee community, and the Asian American community at large.


This project was made possible in part by the Public Service Grant Program of the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Recommended Citation

Kupel, Nathan James Bae, “Asian Adoptees and Post-Adoption Services in Massachusetts: Data from Providers and Reflections from Adult Adoptees” (2010). Institute for Asian American Studies Publications. Paper 4.

Fili Islander – SUMMER SALE until July 25th

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I’ve been a regular shopper at Fili Islander for a few years now and have always stocked up on their dope car stickers. Now until July 25th they are having a Summer Blow Out Sale on selected items such as hard to find vinyl stickers for your car, phone, and computer. Their wooden carved necklace collection is also quite impressive. So if you are looking for a one of a kind gift for that graduate take a look at these great items!


Enjoy 20% OFF all accessories from Stickers / Accessories / Filipino Necklaces / Head Gear.
20% OFF COUPON CODE: 725filisale
*OFFER ENDS: JULY 25th, 2011*

Philippine Islands Decal 4 Color Way Filipino Tribal Sun & Star Sticker Philippine Flag Mini Sticker
Philippine Islands Decal 4 Color Way

Filipino Tribal Sun & Star Sticker

Philippine Flag Mini Sticker

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Philippine Retro Sun Necklace Philippine LingLing-O Necklace Philippine Coat of Arms Crest Necklace
Philippine Retro Sun Necklace

Philippine LingLing-O Necklace

Philippine Coat of Arms Crest Necklace

Filipino Baybayin Script Necklace Filipina Baybayin Script Necklace Lakas Baybayin Script Necklace
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Filipina Baybayin Script Necklace

Lakas Baybayin Script Necklace

Isang Mahal Baybayin Script Necklace Philippine Flag Necklace Mabuhay Baybayin Script Necklace

Rex Navarette on Lopez Tonight!

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Rex Navarette – the Fil-Am comedian makes it big as he is featured on Lopez Tonight!



Korean Adoptees of Hawai’i (KAHI): Adoption Research Project Exploring Relations between Adult Transnational Adoptees and ther Adoptive Parents

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KAHI and FAN will be collaborating to ensure that the voice of adopted Filipinos and their parents are included in this research project. Please take a moment if you are an adult adoptee and ask your parents to participate in this research study. Also, if you know other transracial adoptees do pass this information on to them!



Aloha Filipino Adoptees Network,

We are writing to ask for your assistance in spreading the word about an adoption research project that explores the relationship between adult transnational adoptees and their adoptive parents. This project looks specifically at the manner in which adult transnational adoptees and their parents have negotiated the complex and often thorny issues related to adoptive, racial, and ethnic/cultural identity.

The research project has two complementary components:

  • The first component consists of a pair of on-line surveys that compare the responses of adult transnational adoptees and their adoptive parents across a variety of measures. We hope to obtain a large response for this survey, and would therefore appreciate your assistance in letting people know about it. The surveys can be accessed directly using the following web links:

  • The second component consists of in-depth interviews with adoptee-parent pairs; that is, each interview set will include not only an adult transnational adoptee but also his/her adoptive parents. Please note that we anticipate conducting the adoptee and parent interviews separately and in varied locations across the U.S. beginning with interviews in Hawaii, Michigan, and Georgia during the spring and early summer of 2011. Later, we will travel to the West Coast (San Francisco, Portland, Seattle), the Mid-West (Minneapolis, Michigan again) and the East Coast (Washington, D.C./NYC area).

We have attached a handout that includes more detailed information about the project. We would appreciate it if you could share this information widely by means web sites, Facebook, and other online resources; through personal contacts; and/or by posting the information in appropriate locations.

To follow us on our Webpage, go to:

To follow us on Facebook, go to:

Please feel free to contact one or both of us if you have questions or need further information.


* *
Dr. Karen R. Benally
PO Box 2005
Red Valley, AZ 86544
(928) 653-5757
Lisa Charlie de Morais Teixeira
66942 Kamakahala Street
Waialua, HI 96791
(808) 391-0774

Holt International and Adoptees for Children present: The 55th Year Perspective – three generations of international adult adoptees Conference/ April 14-16/ Washington, D.C. Hyatt Regency Hotel

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Approximately four-hundred-thousand children worldwide have been adopted internationally since the mid 1950s. What began as a humanitarian response to orphaned and abandoned children has become an accepted global institution as defined by The Hague Conventionon Intercountry Adoption.

In the past five decades the social practice of intercountry adoption has evolved dramatically. In 1956, when the modern era of intercountry adoption began, children from Korea were adopted to families in the U.S. who were encouraged to “Americanize” their children as soon as possible. “Fitting in” and becoming acclimated to their adopted nationality was considered the priority. Issues of race, culture and identity were not even a consideration in preparing a family to parent a child of another race and ethnicity.

What we know today is that issues of race, identity, culture and heritage are significant. As families go through the adoption study and are preparing to adopt a child internationally, these issues cannot be an afterthought–or something to present lightly–they are critical to adequately prepare families for the life-long experience of adoption.

There have been positive advancements in intercountry adoption practices, but it still falls short of what is needed to adequately meet the predictable developmental and social challenges that international adoptees may encounter throughout their life. For international adoptees to be prepared to face the challenges, to be confident of who they are, and to understand the balance of their place in the world—the families who adopt them must acknowledge and understand these issues. It is essential that the professional adoption community, policy makers and advocates understand and embrace the lessons learned by international adult adoptees.

Three generations of internationally adopted children are now adults.

Acknowledging the collective wisdom of the international adult adoptee community to the field of adoption, Holt International and Adoptees for Children (A4C) believe the time has come for an

International Forum: “Intercountry Adoption ~ Moving Forward From A Fifty-Five-Year Perspective.”

The lessons learned through the life experiences of three generations of international adoptees provide important insights that are both individual and collective. The International Forum will deliberately focus on adoption issues from the adoptee perspective and bring together non-traditional partners to collaborate more effectively on behalf of children—to share ideas and strengthen the collective intercountry adoption community.

This unprecedented examination of adoption through the lens of internationally adopted adults will provide opportunities to respond to and learn from them. The International Forum will inform policy makers and improve and enhance how the professional adoption community designs systems and provides services to educate and prepare adoptive families to successfully parent.


When: April 14-16, 2011
Where: Washington, D.C. Hyatt Regency Hotel 400 New Jersey AvenuePlease note that conference and hotel registration are separate

Click here for CONFERENCE registration

Joint Council Members, click here for CONFERENCE registration

Registration: $400 per person
(full registration includes materials, most meals & Gala dinner)

Saturday only: $100 per person
(includes Saturday sessions, lunch & breaks)

Gala dinner only: $100 per person

Click here for HOTEL registration
(reservations directly through hotel)

Preferred rate for Forum: $219 single or double

Adoption Learning Partners: FREE Adoption Tax Credit Course

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Adoption Tax Credit

The Adoption Tax Credit Course Take the Adoption Tax Credit Course
Revised February, 2011

The adoption tax credit is one way the U.S. government promotes and supports adoption. Though the adoption tax credit provides a very valuable benefit to adoptive families, it is also among one of the most complicated tax law provisions.

The Adoption Tax Credit Course will help adoptive families:

  • Determine their eligibility for the adoption tax credit.
  • See how the adoption tax credit works with different types of adoptions and financial situations.
  • Create a system for tracking and documenting expenses.
  • Prepare for year-end tax planning and work with a tax professional.

Form 8839

Credit hours: 1.0
Course fee: FREE

Certificates of Completion are available for a fee of $25

Take the Adoption Tax Credit Course

Philippine Consulate NYC: About

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The Philippine Consulate in NYC provides legal services, (dual) citizenship services, and visa application to Filipino Nationals living in Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. The Consulate offers outreach services in these States that are updated regularly on the site.

Philippine Consulate General in NY
556 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10036 US
(212) 764-1330
Fax: (212) 382-1146

General Queries
Cultural / Community Section
Passport Section
Visa Section
Legal Section
Political and Economic Issues
Press / Information Section
Administrative Matters

excerpt from the PCGNY website

The Philippine Consulate General New York was opened in 1946 in recognition of the importance of New York and the mid-Atlantic regions of the US, for the development of Philippine-US relations, as regards trade, finance, science, education and cultural exchange. The growing Filipino expatriate community in the northeast and the need to provide services and assistance, also underlined the urgent need to open a Philippine Consulate in New York, just months after the Republic of the Philippines gained independence and raised its flag as a free country.
The first office of the Philippine Consulate General was located at 40 Exchange Place, in Wall Street, and was opened by the first Philippine Consul General in New York, the Honorable Jose P. Melencio, who served in that position from 1946-1951.

650 5th Avenue
In 1951, the Consulate General transferred to an office in 640 Fifth Avenue, under the leadership of Honorable Emilio Abello, Consul General 1951-53. He was succeeded by the Honorable Leopoldo Ruiz, Acting Consul General until 1953, who was followed by the Honorable Urbano Zafra, also Acting Consul General until 1954; and the Honorable Alejandro Galang, Acting Principal Officer, 1954-55.
In 1955, the Philippine Consulate General New York relocated to an office in the 76th floor of the Empire State Building. At one time hailed as the Tallest Building in the World, it was under the leadership of the Honorable Raul Leuterio, Consul General from 1955-62, that the office of the Philippine Consulate General was moved to this landmark building. There it remained until 1962, when the Department of Foreign Affairs purchased the Kevorkian property on 13-15 E66 St.
The Empire State Building
The property, located in the residential section with foreign missions and consulates nearby, was already an office-residence at the time of purchase. It was partially reconfigured to house the office of the Philippine Consulate General in the lower level, with access on 15 E66 Street, and the office of the Philippine Mission to the United Nations in the upper floors accessed from 13 E 66 street.

The Honorable Bartolome Umayam served as Consul General from 1962-67; the Honorable Alejandro Holigores, Consul General 1967-69; and the Honorable Pacifico Evangelista, Acting Principal Officer 1969-70. In 1970, the Honorable Ernesto C. Pineda assumed office as Consul General. Both the Mission and the Consulate remained in this location until 1974.

Period sketch of 13-15 E 66 St.
(NOTE: From 1980-86, the property served as the residence for the Marcos family. After the 1986 People Power revolution, it was restored to the DFA. In 2007, repairs and restoration work was completed and the building now serves as the Official Residence of the Consul General and the Official Residence of the Permanent Representative to the UN.)
In 1974 the Philippine Center was opened. Despite protests from architectural preservationists, the façade of the property had been redesigned by Architect Augusto Camacho in the austere “Maharlika” style typical of the government buildings during the Marcos Administration. Pre-fabricated cement slabs covered the classical 1912 design of Carrere & Hastings, the architects of the Frick Museum and the NY Public Library. The trio of roman arched doorways were replaced by two simple adobe rectangular openings and a main entrance topped by a timber-gable reminiscent of the Maranao panolong.

(NOTE: In the 1990’s the pre-fabricated slabs were removed, revealing the original 1912 façade from the second floor upwards.)

All the offices of the Philippine government, the Consulate General, the Mission to the UN, the Department of Trade and the Department of Tourism were relocated to this location, where they remain to this day.

The Honorable Ernesto C. Pineda served as Consul General until 1986. He was succeeded by the Honorable Francisco E. Rodrigo, Jr., who served as Consul General until 1988, followed in June 1988 by the Honorable Hermenigildo Garcia who remained at Post until July 1990. In February 1991, Honorable Rodolfo Arizala was assigned as Consul General, serving until the June1992.

In September 1993, the jurisdiction of the Philippine Consulate General New York was enlarged by the closure of the Philippine Consulate General in Houston, Texas. In addition to the Northeastern states, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Oklahoma were added to the Post’s responsibility.

On 16 July 1994, Honorable Romeo Arguelles assumed his position as Consul General. He served in his position until October 1996. On 24 January 1997, Honorable Willy Gaa, assumed his position as Consul General, where he remained until 1999.

During this period the number of states under the jurisdiction of the Philippine Consulate General was reduced from 17 to 12, with the transfer of Texas and New Mexico to the Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles, Mississippi and Arkansas to the Philippine Consulate General in Chicago, and the Virgin Islands to the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC, all in November 1997, in consideration of the geographical distance of these states from New York.

On 16 April 1999 the Honorable Linglingay F. Lacanlale assumed her position as Consul General and served in that capacity until 15 November 2003. During her tenure, consular jurisdiction over the states of Louisiana and Oklahoma were transferred to the Philippine Consulate General in Chicago, leaving the following states within the jurisdiction of the Consulate General in New York: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

On 25 November 2003, our current Consul General, the Honorable Cecilia B. Rebong, assumed her position as Head of Post.

The Philippine Consulate General New York and our 25 staff and officers attend to a daily average of 150 separate walk-in transactions for Passport, Visa and Legal services, and over 250 calls, messages, letters and emails. The Assistance to Nationals Section monitors and attends to hundreds of legal cases involving Filipinos in distress. Our mobile team coordinates with partner organizations in the States within our jurisdiction where the community has achieved a significant density, to provide services during the weekends, twice a month between spring and fall. While the Cultural-Community section provides assistance to, and works in close concert with, over 300 registered community organizations throughout the year.

As the Filipino community grows and expands, our efforts to provide services to the approximately 500,000 Filipinos and Filipino Americans in the Northeast US continues to develop and evolve. We look forward aiding in the steady progression of the Filipino community and the promotion and protection of Philippine interests in the United States.