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Born in the Philippines, Perfected for you in America: David Slattery’s adoption reflection

Posted by FAN Admin in Home, Our Stories on 02 24th, 2005

The Slatterys, a very loving and caring family adopted me at the age
of two from Hosipico de San Jose in the Philippines.

I have made two trips back to my homeland. My first visit in 1997 I
participated in a “Motherland” tour with Hand in Hand. It was during
this trip that I took hold of my great culture. Since my visit, with
the help and encouragement of my family and friends, I have become
involved with the Filipino American Community of Colorado (FACC).
Through my participation, I have been able to learn and appreciate my
culture even more. The FACC has granted me numerous opportunities to
learn about my Filipino culture through dance, Tagalog classes,
cooking classes, appreciating our heroes such as Jose Rizal, and
meeting other adoptees from the Philippines.

I was given the wonderful opportunity to reach out to other Filipino
adoptees when FACC introduced me to the Filipino Heritage Camp, a
specialized culture and heritage camp for adoptees from the
Philippines and their families. I have volunteered in the last 4 years
since 1999. Since its first introduction it has continued to grow into
a valuable resource for adoptees and their families who want to learn
about the Philippine culture. This summer, FHC will be held August
4th-7th at Snow Mountain Ranch near Fraser, Colorado.

During the FHC 2004 camp, I was reunited with Lorial Crowder and first
met Sharon Cuartero, two Filipina adoptees that recently launched the
only existing web-based support and cultural network, Filipino
Adoptees Network (FAN). Their website offers a variety of cultural and
adoption resources including news articles, events, and personal
stories written by adoptees. Site features also include a discussion
board comprised of adoption and cultural topics and also the
opportunity to network with individuals who share similar experiences.

FAN has provided a special place for me to meet other adoptees that
share the same questions and concerns. I have developed long lasting
friendships and have found a place where I do not feel like an
outcast. I can talk freely talk about adoption including my fears, my
heartaches, my hopes, and my dreams. Without FAN, I would not be able
to express my feeling or hear the cares and concerns of others. It
truly is a wonderful network and I would like to thank Lorial and
Sharon for their hard work. Please visit the FAN website at

The Filipino American Community of Colorado, the Filipino Heritage
Camp, and the Filipino Adoptees Network have been wonderful assets to
help me continue discover my Filipino roots. These organizations have
offered tremendous opportunities and I thank them all for offering
ways to discover and appreciate the endless opportunities that have
been given to me.