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Adoptive Families Magazine: Positive Adoption Language

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Reprinted from OURS Magazine, May/June 1992
Positive Adoption Language
The way we talk—and the words we choose—say a lot about what we think and value.  When we use
positive adoption language, we say that adoption is a way to build a family just as birth is.  Both are important, but one is not more important than the other. Choose the following positive adoption language instead of the negative talk that helps perpetuate the myth that adoption is second best.  By using positive adoption language, you’ll reflect the true nature of adoption, free of innuendo.

Words not only convey facts, they also evoke feelings.  When a TV movie talks about a “custody battle” between “real parents” and “other parents,” society gets the wrong impression that only birthparents are real parents and that adoptive parents aren’t real parents.  Members of society may also wrongly conclude that all adoptions are “battles.”

Positive adoption language can stop the spread of misconceptions such as these.  By using positive adoption language, we educate others about adoption.  We choose emotionally “correct” words over emotionally-laden words.  We speak and write in positive adoption language with the hopes of impacting others so that this language will someday become the norm.

Positive Language                           Negative Language
Birthparent                                       Real parent
Biological parent                             Natural parent
Birth child                                        Own child
My child Adopted child;                Own child
Born to unmarried parents           Illegitimate
Terminate parental rights             Give up
Make an adoption plan                  Give away
To parent                                          To keep
Waiting child                                   Adoptable child; available child
Biological or birthfather               Real father
Making contact with                      Reunion
Parent                                               Adoptive parent
Intercountry adoption                  Foreign adoption
Adoption triad                                Adoption triangle
Permission to sign a release        Disclosure
Search                                              Track down parents
Child placed for adoption            An unwanted child
Court termination                         Child taken away
Child with special needs              Handicapped child
Child from abroad                         Foreign child
Was adopted                                   Is adopted

FAN presenting at: Teen Connections “My Famiy, My World, My Self” – A Conference for Foster and Adopted Teens and Parents

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Please join FAN at the Teen Connections: My Family, My World, My Self – A Conference for Foster and Adopted Teens and Parents

hosted by Adoption Rhode Island and ACONE-RI

May 22, 2010


@ Adoption Rhode Island

Workshop title: Guess Who?! – Public Figures that have been Adopted and in Foster Care

They walk among us, we see them on t.v., we hear them on the radio and some are huge pop icons. Who are these people? What are they best known for?

This workshops aims to give an educational and fun twist to identify and explore which people have been adopted (international/domestic) or been in foster care. We will play a guessing game to test your knowledge. You may be surprised by some of the names and hopefully will walk away from the workshop realizing the impact adoption and foster care has had with many blended families in the U.S.!

We will also discuss the importance of having positive role models in our lives and brain storm what makes a good role model.


Join us for a powerful workshop as industry professionals lead us for a day of reflection, introspection and sharing. ACONE-RI and Adoption Rhode Island offering this conference on Saturday, May 22nd from 11:00am-2:30pm, at Adoption Rhode Island. Registration is required and all teens attending must have an adult present for the entire event. For more information and/or to register please click here.

Teen Conference – “My Family, My World, My Self ” brochure

Filipino Ties – Motherland Tour July 3-17, 2020

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Filipino Ties program is one of 12 Motherland programs provided by the Ties Program. The emphasis of the program is to encourage the adoptees to visit their birth country in the company of their primary giver, in order to provide the needed support, to make the decision based on the need of the family. The decision to visit the birth country should be based on the needs of the family and if the time is right. Traveling in a group setting involves many family members, such as grandparents, siblings and other extended family. Another component of the Tie Program is the professional that accompanies the group to facilitate group discussions or support for folks who wish to talk about their adoption experience or travel experience to their birth country.


July 3 – 17, 2010

Watch Filipino Ties come to life on video!


Filipino Ties Adoption  Travel the PhilippinesFilipino Ties begins in Manila and continues into the countryside. Witness the beauty of Lake Taal, experience one of the world’s smallest active volcanoes, and learn how a Jeepney is made.  Enjoy a day at Villa Escudero where Filipino culture and history come to life.  Journey to Cebu, the oldest city in The Philippines, where you will visit a school and the Cebu Children’s Shelter.  And, of course, time will be be available to relax on the beautiful beaches of this idyllic island.  Let the hospitality and graciousness of the Filipino people embrace you and the sound of children’s laughter at Samaritan’s Place and  House of Refuge captivate your heart.

The centerpiece of each family’s journey* will be a visit to your (or your child’s) orphanage. Members of the Intercountry Adoption Board (ICAB) anticipate your visit and look forward to welcoming the children, young adults (and their families) to the county where they were born.  With ICAB’s assistance,Filipino Ties Adoption Travel the Philippines we will request permission for you to visit your (or your child’s) orphanage, meet caregivers and foster families, and travel to the place of  birth or founding.

The Ties program provides an adoption professional to facilitate optional discussion on all of our programs.  These discussions provide the group with an opportunity to process and understand what they are experiencing and how it relates to adoption.  These discussions and the friendships that are created along the way is what makes this kind of trip truly unforgettable.


“I think that the healthiest outcome of the trip for my daughter is that going with a large group ‘normalized’ her situation and her adoption story.”
~ Bonnie MacAdam
“A fabulous way for adoptive families to develop an understanding of the reasons and circumstances that resulted in their becoming a family.”
~David Johnson

“Your sensitivity to the needs of the children was so evident throughout the trip.  Tina came away with such a warm feeling for her heritage and a special bond with the kids who traveled with us.”
~Nan Gray
filipinoTies Adoption Travel the Philippines
“For the first time in my life, I felt complete and at peace with who I am.”
~Landy Hancock, 18

“I got to see that my birth place is good and better understood the struggles my birth family went through.”
~Matt Ouellette, 14
“As a grandma, it was so great to see the full circle of adoption.”
~Barb Boersma (Grandma)

For more information, contact The Ties Program or Request an Informational Packet.

Pre-Register now for a future year, so that we can hold your spot!

*Possibilities for visiting people and places important in the life of your child

Bahay Kalinga Orphanage
Cebu Hope Center
Charisma Bethel Children’s Home
Children’s Shelter of Cebu
Concordia Children’s Home
Easter Village Orphanage
Haven of Hope Orphanage
House of Mary Villa
House of Refuge
InterCountry Adoption Board Offices (ICAB)
Jireh Children’s Home
Kalinga ng Ama Shelter for Children
Love The Children Foundation
Mount Zion Orphanages
Nehemiah House for Girls
Norfil Foundation
Orphanage House of Joy
Philippine Vision Ministry
Precious Heritage Children’s Home
Sacred Portion Children’s Outreach
Samaritan’s Place
Sampaloc Tany Rizal Children’s Home
Shalom Bata Rescue Centre
Shepherds Arms Children’s Home
Spirit and Life Mission House, Inc.
St. Joseph House
Subic’s Bay Children’s Home
See something missing above? Or, are there other people or places on your “dream list?”    Please email us. We are always open to helping you with other connections.

The Ties Program does not endorse any of the places listed above, but rather offers them as places families have indicated they may want to visit.