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The Ties Program: Birth Country Travel–A Journey Back, A Journey Forward

CT Workshop Info

Saturday, April 13
2:45 to 4:15 PM

Windsor Public Library
323 Broad Street
Windsor, CT 06095

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This workshop will encompass information from the following two workshops:

Birth Country Travel–A Journey Back, A Journey Forward
A heritage journey is one of the most significant factors in the identity building process of internationally adopted children. So, what’s the journey all about? What age is the best age? How can families prepare? What role does “adoptee loyalty” play in the journey? What are the pros and cons of group vs individual travel? What adoption exploration is possible in country? How do the kids react before, during and after the trip? This workshop will address the top questions asked by families considering birth country travel.

Teens and Tweens–
What I Would Tell You if I Could Find the Words
If you are raising a tween or teen, chances are they are holding back. It’s what my 12 year old daughter calls “restricted information.” “Why is it restricted?” I ask, holding on to her every word, listening for clues for what is on HER mind, despite the fact that via my professional work, I’ve got a pretty good clue.

“Because I don’t want to hurt you, or make you feel bad about stuff,” she replies. “But what stuff?” I ask. “You know Mom, just stuff.”

So what’s the stuff? What are tweens and teens pondering in the corners of their minds? The answer: questions and thoughts related to:

1. Fitting in
2. Their relationship with their adoptive family & adoptee loyalty
3. Feelings related to their birth family and birth country
4. And the double whammy-things that combine both birth and adoptive family
5. Understanding background, a.k.a. Life History
6. Poverty in birth country
7. Why? Why? Why? (to a million things)
8. Abandonment issues, insecurities, and control
9. Self-worth & guilt
10. Hope

This workshop will take a look at concrete questions & thoughts that MAY be going through your child’s mind, or may be soon.

In this very interactive workshop, you will hear and experience the thoughts of international adoptees….the “restricted information” shared openly and honestly by adoptees themselves. It will provide insight to help you create a strategy that will strengthen your relationship with your child.

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Learn more about our sister organizations:

World Ties
Humanitarian aid in your (or your child’s) country of birth. Information is on each country page on The Ties Program website. In the right hand column, look for “Project Kindness”

Gift of Identity Fund
The Gift of Identity Fund, Ltd. provides funding to international adoptees visiting their birth country with the goal of helping them understand their identity, heritage, and culture.
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